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taken characters

Below is the list of taken characters currently being played in this game. All characters are listed by how they are given in canon. For Western characters, it would be first last, and Eastern characters last first. This is to save the mods headaches when it comes to the alphabet, sad to say.

Please fill out the form below so that your character may be added to the list.

* Original characters have their own section.

Character Name OU/AU* Journal Played By
Ao no Exorcist
Okumura Yukio OU [personal profile] doctor_dragoon Ningi
Dextera OU [personal profile] rightsiderequiem Koi
Black Jack
Black Jack AU [personal profile] lifes_expensive Cari
Kiriko George AU [personal profile] purplehearted World
Black Dainn OU [personal profile] shadow_possession Koi
Book of Lies, The
Lucas "Claus" T. OU [personal profile] liedthrice World
Alma Karma OU [personal profile] alma_karma Ningi
Kanda Yu OU [personal profile] beanstalk Hoshi
Lenalee Li OU [personal profile] liltingly Cal
DC Animated
Teen Titans
Raven OU [personal profile] azrthmtrnznthos Lin
Generator Rex
Dr. Rebecca Holiday OU [personal profile] doc_holi Lina
Marvel Comics
Journey Into Mystery
Loki Laufeyson OU [personal profile] mischief_reborn Matt
Mayuzumi Lin OU [personal profile] and_my_pickaxe World