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reservations are currently open

Here is where you may reserve a character of your choosing from your fandom of choice should you wish to have some time to work on your application. Reservations are held for one week, and before it expires, you will be asked if you wish to have a week extension. Please do not abuse this! Currently, you are only allowed one extensions.

Currently, there is no set limit on reservations placed at one time, but please expect there to be one as the game grows!

If your reservation has expired, you are still more than welcome to submit an application, but please be aware that others may as well! Reserving a character does not guarantee that you will be accepted, but placing one means you are the only one who is able to apply for your character for a given time, so please keep this in mind when you place your reserve.

Organized by Series:

Please be sure to check the rules and taken list before reserving!

To place your reserve, please fill out the form below!